Peace and Blessings To All

To all our members around the world. We are the people of the world and because of that we have our own faiths and belief systems. This week has many holidays and celebrations for people of many different faiths. Regardless of what that might mean to you personally, I wish you all great peace and abundant blessings.

For those of you who are busy you can always listen to this later it is a recording of me sharing the vision of what is planned for our first big game that will be the foundation for all of our other games.

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As a celebration of this big event we will be offering profit shares prior to its release. I will give you all the details at that time. These will be actual profits so there is no point offering them before the game is ready to be released. Members will be able to buy them and they will be paid out on shortly after the first winner is confirmed in the game so we can all celebrate the event together. You will also be able to earn when people you sponsor buy them so even if you do not have the money yourself you can still benefit from them. Please do not ask for more details about this before that time it will just slow me down even more – I am already overworked.

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