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slogoGet Paid when you, your friends and their friends try ours & our clients new products and services for free up to 35 levels deep. You do not need to sponsor others to earn with our program but your earnings will be substantially higher if you have a downline.

How we work is simple. New companies looking to launch their business pay us to bring our members to them. This is a form of guaranteed advertising for them. They know that if their product is good that people will continue to use their products. It is up to them to have a product people will love not us. Each company has different needs.  For example, they may want you to go to Google Play or ITunes and download an app or a game, use it and then rate it. They may want you to go to their site and play a new game or they may want you to watch a commercial and give your opinion about it.

We are not an MLM. We are 100% free. More detailed information and training are available in the back office.
Your information and that of your downlines are secure from a privacy standpoint. We need your real information to protect our clients but we do not need to give it to them.

Note: The Founder of Your Web Base owns Global Provisional Patents on our systems and processes that allows us to do things like use advertising to pay out cash prizes instead of the normal process by which people pay to play games that have cash prizes, for example. This gives us a unique advantage in the marketplace preventing others from being able to copy us or our current clients.

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